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Director's Message

“We worked hard all night long and caught nothing” (Lk:5.5) the words of Simon Peter chocked with depression on the share of lake Gennesaret re-echoes in our times. Our seas, lakes and rivers are now barren. We cannot be deaf to the cry of the people on the shores. We recommit ourselves to be their voice and we have a dream for the people we serve- a dream woven in the pattern of the dream of the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus Christ.

People don't want to be called poor, depressed, backward, marginalized. They are loaded jargon which they have came to hate. So we found it better to speak of deprivation. Deprivation if basic facilities, deprivation of capital, deprevation of services, deprivation of opportunities…voice deprivation – inability to articulate legitimate rights and participate in decision making and last but not the least there is a deprivation consequent to gender inequalities.

We need to broaden the harijans of Development concept. Poverty or deprivation must be by economic interventions, political lobbying, social movements, spiritual dynamics and by positive action for justice. All development initiatives must be sustainable. They must spring from the collective wish of the people and must be participatory in nature. They must join the global struggle against socio-economic structures that perpetuate discrimination on the basis of caste, gender and occupation.

In the reporting year we have been able to introduce new approaches towards development innovative, strategies towards sustainable development. We have also been able to enlarge the spheres, of co-operation and participation of people. We have been able to dialogue with people about their hopes and aspirations and strategies. We have found new......for the people we serve. And we have miles to go ... ..and promises to keep.