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Family Child Welfare

Save A Family Plan
Save a Family Plan India is an overseas agency for he family development programme in Kerala and is being supporting the society from 1981 onwards. The programme aims for seeking justice and working with the marginalized and poor of India regardless of caste, creed, gender or political affiliation. The Family - to - Family Development Program is the core program of SAFP. Adopted families are supported by regular monthly assistance for a sustainable livelihood. In the reporting year total of 430 families were the beneficiaries of this programme. Rs 350 per month and special gifts were allotted to the beneficiaries. A total of Rs 26,11,500 was allotted as adoption assistance and Rs 13,19,207 as Special assistance. Through this programme support to the income generation programmes were offered as training and linkages with banks for loans were done.

Educational Sponsorship
Society is been offering educational sponsorship to the needy children from 1986 onwards with support from noble donors. Our child Sponsorship programme changes the lives of several children every year. Our vision of creating a better opportunities for our children

Family and Child Welfare
Welfare of family and child is one of the prime concerns of QSSS. The standard of living of the poor fishermen and other deprived classes in Quilon diocese is very low. Even though the church is providing plenty of educational facilities with the support of government as well as private initiative the children of poor fishermen cannot reach to the heights of professional and quality education and key positions in Government and private sector. Financial backwardness and lack of proper guidance are  the major hurdles to the journey towards a dignified life style. Keeping these factors in mind QSSS paid special attention for the development of poor families through family adoption programme and support to bright students through sponsorships and scholarships. To achieve this goal QSSS is executing three programmes such as Save A Family Plan, Family adoption programme, and JOY SOWERS, Educational sponsorship programme, with foreign aid and PRADHIBHODAYAM, educational support programme, directly  supported by Quilon Diocese.
Save A Family Programme
Save A Family programme is supported by SAFP India. It’s a family adoption programme. Benefactors from Canada support families in our diocese through SAFPI. Each family is adopted for a period of six year and providing with a financial aid up to Rs. 800/-per month. This amount is used to initiate an income generating programme to support the family with an additional income. The income generated from the newly opened venture may used to repay their debt, education of their children, treatment of the family members, development of their habitat and infrastructure and for small saving also. Many families by their effort and with the support of SAFP improved the standard of their lives. Till now 2385 families enjoyed the fruits of SAFP programme. Presently338 families supported through this programme.


This is an educational support programme initiated by Most. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman, Bishop of Quilon. The programme was founded in the year of 2004. The aim of the project is to cater a young generation who are academically brilliant, professionally qualified, with a competitive personality and fit for the present careers. To achieve this goal the agency supports the academically brilliant students, who have poor financial background with quality education and facilities up to 12th standard. Beneficiary selection has made on Forane basis. Every year two brilliant students (Both male and female) who passed out from standard IV have selected for the project. Students who are selected for the programme are provided with admission in reputed schools at Kollam district, managed by Diocese of Quilon, boarding facilities, free tuition, and financial support to purchase materials for educational purposes.  After that, the Diocese and agency help the students to find out new channels to support them in their way to success.

Selection criteria

  • The candidate must be a member of the Diocese of Quilon
  • The candidate must be belonged to fisher men family or from poor economic condition
  • The candidate should passed out from standard IV with above 60% mark
  • Priority to the child of widow/widower or children who are living in the protection of grand parents or relatives
  • Preference has given to children whose parent is chronically ill or suffering from psychiatric disorders


Selection procedure
Beneficiary selection of the programme has done through two stages which include written test and interview. Students who have scored highest marks in the written test were selected fro the interview. The interview panel consisted of representatives of priest, educational experts and eminent personalities who are working for the development of children.

Joy Sowers
This is an educational sponsorship programme supported by Joy Sowers Belgium. The aid has given to academically bright students who are belonging to poor economic condition and weak social and cultural atmosphere. The support has provided from kinder Garden to professional courses. Total amount provided as support is Rs. 8000 per annum. In this reporting period 16 children studying at various classes received the aid. Progress report and mark list of the students submitted to the agency in every year. Beneficiaries wrote thanks giving letters and festival wishes to the supporters.


Govt. of India launched CHILDLINE Service during the year 1998-99.  The child line is a 24 hours free phone service, which can be accessed by a child in distress or an adult on his behalf by dialing the number 1098 on telephone.  Child line provides emergency assistance to a child and subsequently based upon the child’s need, the child is referred to an appropriate organization for long-term follow up and care.
The service focuses on the needs of children living alone on the streets, child labourers working in unorganized sector, domestic workers and sexually abused children. 1098 is a National, 24 hour, free emergency telephone help line for child line services. By using this system we are able to provide outreach service for children in need of care and protection. This Project is a programme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (GOI) implemented in partnership with NGOs

Objectives of the CHILDLINE Service:-

  • To respond to children in emergency situations and refer them to relevant Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations;
  • To create a structure which ensures the protection of the rights of the child as ratified in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000;
  • To provide a platform for networking amongst organizations and to strengthen the support systems which facilitate the rehabilitation for children in especially difficult circumstances;
  • To sensitize agencies such as the public, hospitals, municipal corporations and the railways towards the problems faced by these children;
  • To provide an opportunity to public to respond to the needs of children in difficult circumstances.

CHILDLINE Service at Kollam
CHILDLINE 1098 has started ringing in Kollam District from July 2011 onwards and QSSS is the nodal agency of CHILDLINE programme in Kollam.  The other partners are Quilon Don Bosco Society as collaborative agency or child line centre   and Punalur Social Service Society as supportive agency

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