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Revised National Tuberculosis Programme-AXSHAYA was implemented by central government through selected state with the participation of NGO to reduce the incidence of TB in India. CBCI CARD act as the Umbrella organization to deliver this service. To achieve this goal health department introduced dots programme. But most of the patients did not complete the course of medicine. This tendency adversely affected the end result. To overcome this hurdle health department introduced NGO/Private Participation programme under ACSM Scheme.

Under this scheme agency will undertake advocacy, communication and social mobilization for community education against TB. Through this programme we are able to ensure maximum acceptance and accessibility to the treatment of tuberculosis by patient and society through decentralization of awareness and treatment services. To achieve this goal we had conducted 48 programmes in this reporting period and around 1100 individuals were directly educated about the TB and its treatment. People residing in the coastal belt of Kollam district from Paravoor to Chavara and area under Perumon PHC were the beneficiaries of this advocacy programme. Through this improved advocacy and communication we are able to reduce the stigma and discrimination against the patient and the family affected by TB. And also able to ensure improved case detection and treatment adherence.