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The pioneering initiative of Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M Fernandez of hallowed memory, Quilon Social Service Society is the official social development organization of the Catholic Diocese of Quilon for welfare and development endeavours to promote, facilitate and conduct and co-ordinate social actions/programs for the emancipation and uplift of the weaker sections particularly those socially challenged and discriminated against on the grounds of gender, caste and creed. Established in 1960, the Society is one of the oldest organizations in the area registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies registration Act of 1955 and holding NGO status
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“We worked hard all night long and caught nothing” (Lk:5.5) the words of Simon Peter chocked with depression on the share of lake Gennesaret re-echoes in our times. Our seas, lakes and rivers are now barren. We cannot be deaf to the cry of the people on the shores. We recommit ourselves to be their voice and we have a dream for the people we serve- a dream woven in the pattern of the dream of the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus Christ.                 Read More
Fr.Pious Malliar Executive Director
Fr.Binu Thomas, Associate Director
Rev. Fr. Pious Malliar, Executive Director of Q.S.S.S. has been appointed as the Director of koLping India- Quilon Diocese by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanly Roman, Bishop of Quilon. The International Kolping Society is a catholic social organization founded by Adolph Kolping. The members create a family-like and life accompanying community. It consists of local Kolping families which form diocesan or regional organizations and National Kolping Societies. Fr. pious also serving as the director of KLM.   Rev.Fr. Binu Thomas appointed as the Associate Director of QSSS. He has a luminous history and vast experience in organizing and leading communities for innovative change and development. He is also acting as the assistant director of KCYM in diocesan level.

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Quilon Social Service Society, the department of social concern of the Catholic Diocese of Quilon has become a proud harbinger of hope and confidence for hundreds of men and women whose hope of life has been completely shattered. As we assist them to row back to safe shores, we thank all our partners in this historic journey. Our sincere and grateful greetings to the many men and women from all over the world who...
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