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Short Stay Home for the Abused women and children

QSSS Shelter home is a project of Kerala State Social Welfare Board undertaken by Quilon Social Service Society, under the scheme of short stay home for women and girls. In the scheme, grants are given to Voluntary Organizations, to set up Short Stay Homes for women and girls, with a view to protect and rehabilitate those women and girls who are facing social, economic and emotional problems due to family problems, mental stress, social ostracism, exploitation or other causes or are being forced into prostitution and are in mortal danger.

The motto is to protect women from domestic violence, assuring their safe accommodation, welfare, empowerment as per the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.

QSSS Shelter home is situated at the QSSS campus. The shelter home was inaugurated on 3rd July 2015 by Former Minister Shibu Baby John (Labor and Rehabilitation Department). The home was blessed by the Bishop of Quilon diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman.

The shelter home provides following services:

(1) Temporary shelter to the needy women and girls from six months to three years

(2) Case work and counselling services

(3) Medical care and psychiatric treatment

(4) Occupational therapy, skill development training and rehabilitation services

(5) Educational, vocational and recreational activities

(6) Follow up by counsellors for those women who have left the Homes, needs to be done to ensure their well-being and safety

Children accompanying the mother or born in the Home, may be permitted to stay in the Home up to the age of seven years after which, they may be transferred to children’s institutions or provided foster care services. The Home should have an average of 30 inmates at a time with facilities for a minimum of 20 and maximum of 40 residents.