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The word meaning of Saahyam is ‘help’.  The project Saahyam is a promising initiative for the paraplegics facing problems of dependency, low self esteem and loneliness and its plan is to empower the patients to make themselves self reliant. The aim of the project is the rehabilitation of paraplegic patients in the district. Through the project QSSS aspires to rehabilitate those people who are affected by complete paralysis of the lower half of the body including both legs.

In this year the project has six paraplegics, who are coming from nearby places of Kollam. Three of them having own three wheelers and for the rest three we distributed three wheelers. Saahyam is providing training for the paraplegic in income generation activities such as the preparation of candles, soap powder and floor cleaning lotion. The products are marketed in the brand name “PALLIUM”. The finished products are sold by the paraplegic themselves at different parishes of Kollam. They receive orders from different places. Earnings from these sale are used to pay their salary and for the purchase of provision of other basic necessities at the workplace.