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Joy For Kids

Joy For Kids

The Joy Sowers is an educational sponsorship supported by “The Joy Sowers Belgium”. The aid has given to academically bright students who belong to the poor socio-economic condition and weak, social and cultural atmosphere. The aid we receive twice in a year and limited to 127.50 EURO. The support is provided from kinder garden to professional course. Once a child is selected for the support will continue till the child complete his/her studies. Generally the aid may cancel or stop only under the following circumstances:

  • In case of demise of the benefactor.
  • If the benefactor lost his/ her job.
  • If the benefactor transferred to another place.

This programme was started in Quilon Diocese in 1986 with 10 children. Till now 113 children were benefited from the project. At present 13 students who receive this financial assistance.

Selection criteria for the programme:-

Normally children from economically and socially backward families are considered for the support. Child of widow and child of chronically ill or suffering from psychiatric illness will be given priority. Academic excellence is the most important criteria for the selection. Application and appraisal or recommendation letter from the parish priest is the entry form to the programme.


Summer Camps

Academic Evaluation

Life skill training, personality development classes, personal and environmental hygiene