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Kolping India functions under the registration of public Charitable Trust since 1991 based on the shared values/ shared beliefs of Adolph Kolping with the sole aim to enhance the capacities of the poor to enjoy the fullness of life. The Regional Kolping Organization and Quilon Social Service Society have been instrumental in providing basic shelters to hundreds of homeless families, organizing livelihood support to numerous Self-Help groups, providing occupational assistance to several unemployed, especially women, and educational sponsorship for children.


Just and Empowered society based on the values of blessed Adolph Kolping.


Enhancing the capacities of the marginalized communities in India for holistic development.

Objectives of Kolping India:

  • To help people especially the poor to live in freedom from hunger, injustice and lead a dignified human life befitting the creation.
  • To promote groups of the target people on the basis of the principles of Bl. Kolping and motivate them for savings.
  • To implement, various developmental and welfare programs for the group members.
  • To enable the group members to attain self-sufficiency in all spheres such as spiritual, economic, cultural and social and to live a community life based on harmony, fraternity and freedom.

Activities Implemented:
Micro Credit, Capacity Building Programme, Income Generation program (IGP), Housing Programmes, Livelihood programmes, Promotion of Health and Sanitation, Education & Vocational Training Support Programme, Shelter support programmes, Kolping Day Celebration