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Save A Family Plan

Save A Family Plan (SAFP) was started as a charitable society was founded by Msgr. Augustine Kandathil in 1965. It was a response to Pope Paul VI’s call at the time of the Eucharistic Congress in Mumbai, December 1964. It is a Canadian international development organization and a registered charity in Canada and the United States. SAFP Started as a charity. Now it has moved energetically to a systematic development program for sustainable development of families and communities.

In the beginning it was started with five benefactors, each helping one poor family in India. At present around 15,000 families in 42 dioceses and 22 homes of healing in India receive continued monthly assistance.

In our diocese SAFP was started in 1983.  At present we have 347 families who receive our help. They get Rs 900 per month and some families get special amount as a gift. The amount they get is utilized for doing the  different IGP’s, like Fishing, Fish vending, cow rearing, goat rearing, Poultry, tailoring, Carpet making   Bakery Items, candle making, readymade garments business, kite business, flower making and pickle & curry powder making  etc.

This year the programme received 116 new families. The families are to be proposed by FAT and it was done accordingly finding out the most deserving families.  As per the criteria provided by SAFPC and SAFPI, we are selecting the deserving families in to this programme.

Regional Level

To increase the competence and capability of the stakeholders’ QSSS conducted nine Regional level meetings in three Regions and 48 centre level meetings in 24centers. We have given classes about environment cleanliness, health and hygiene, child line activities, effect of tobacco and other drugs, time management etc…

Capacity Building programme

The programmes of Capacity Building are conducted to increase the capability and knowledge of the FDP families along with the coordinator and animator.

EDP Trainings

For the better implementation of the Income Generation Programme EDP trainings were conducted. They also have yearly gathering which help them to have good relationship and to develop their talents. The SAFPI conducted training for the coordinator and animators to develop and increase their skill and competency of the staff. Current year we have conducted 30 EDP trainings.

Income Generation Programme

The Save A Family Plan families are strictly follow the Income generation programmes as it is giving a source of income for the family. The purpose of fund utilization is to do the income Generation programme in order to have better living conditions and to increase their income to meet the needs and demands in the family. 


Three families from different centers, of our Diocese received housing project from government and also from local resources as a result of their constant interaction and interventions with Panchayat and by local resource mobilization.

The other activities of the year April, 2016 – March, 2017

Monthly processing India report and distribution of fund to beneficiaries account

Up-to- date ready reckoned register monthly

Work schedule preparation of Coordinator & Animators

Special classes arranged

Collection of individual bank statement Verification with fund utilization screen in SAFPNET

Closing accounts and Opening accounts

Participated in Women’s day celebration

General correspondence with SAFP India and grassroots

Verification of fund withdrawal application and fund disbursement

Preparation and submission of monthly financial report

Verification and documentation of individual letters send to new benefactors

Verification, beautification, documentation and processing of beneficiary's/benefactors letters and in individual files - twice in a year beneficiary (out going & incoming)

Verification and documentation of individual letters sent with special gift amounts, housing proposal

Up-dating the individual file of beneficiaries