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It is a QSSS initiative to improve the standard of education for the upcoming generations. QSSS has implemented an educational support programme named Pradhibodhayam, which is exclusively reserved for the bright students belonging to the Catholic Diocese of Quilon.

This educational support pro­gramme was initiated by our Most Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman, Bishop of Quilon. The programme was launched in 2004 with the aim of molding to a group of young men and women academically brilliant, professionally qualified, hav­ing more extracurricular activities and having a competitive mind to cope up with the challenges of present careers. To achieve their goals the agency sup­ports the academically brilliant stu­dents, who are financially backward but with proficiency in studies and fa­cilitates their academic advancement up to 12th standard.

Beneficiary selec­tion is made on Forane basis. Every year two brilliant students (Both Male and Female) who have passed grade IV are selected as the beneficiaries of the project. Students who are selected for the programme are admitted to the reputed schools in Kollam District, managed by the Di­ocese of Quilon. Fi­nancial support for educational needs, boarding facilities and free tuition is offered. After completion of the pro­gramme, the Diocese and the agency help the students in finding out new channels to reach heights of excellence and employment.


  1. Provide free and residential facili­ties for education with values and life skills-oriented special training package for overall excellence for brilliant children from discarded backgrounds.
  2. Ensure the children standard school­ing facilities in the English medium schools run by the Diocese.
  3. Have definite linkage plans, estab­lished and maintained for students, with the Higher Education Institu­tions under the management of the Diocese.

Selection Criteria

  1. The candidate must be a member of Quilon Diocese.
  2. The candidate should belong to the fisher folk community or to the back­ward class.
  3. The candidate should have passed Std IV and should have more than 60% marks.
  4. Priority is given to the children of widows/widowers or children who are living under the protection of grandparents or relatives.
  5. Preference is given to children whose parents are chronically ill or suffering from psychic disorder.

Selection Procedure

Beneficiary selection of the project is done through written test and inter­views. Students who score the highest marks in the written test are passed on to the next step, i.e. interview. The interview panel includes representatives of Diocese, educational experts and eminent personalities working for the development of children.

Reporting year Pradhibodhyam programme received 70 applications. An entrance exam and interview was conducted for the applicants. Based on the interview conducted, the selection committee selected 10 students and given admissions to the reputed schools.

Summer Camp

During the year, a leadership develop­ment camp was arranged for the students. The camp was mandatory and excuses were accepted only for genuine reasons. The camp was inaugurated by General Monsignor K.J Yesudas, Vicar General of Quilon. In this camp the students were given lead­ership training as well as skill devel­opment training. Arrangements for emotional ventilation and counselling were also arranged for the participants.